Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Tue Sep 16 09:59:26 UTC 2008

"Scott Cantor" <cantor.2 at> writes:

>> Well, we don't use ADFS support, but shibd -t does complain if the
>> catalog references an inexistent WS-Trust.xsd.  But when shibd is run
>> as a daemon, it does not complain.  Is this inconsistency unavoidable?
> The only issue here might be what phase of work is producing the error. If
> it's complaining while it parses the configuration, custom logging isn't set
> up until after it parses, so the daemon should rely on the same
> console.logger configuration as the -t option would use. Maybe you're
> swallowing that output when you run it as a daemon.

Exactly!  As shibd does not daemonize itself, the init script has to
do that before shibd is started.  Thus its stderr gets lost.  If one
starts shibd without the init script magic, it puts out the same
warning as shibd -t, then hangs on the console running the listener
loop.  Mystery solved.

Now, why doesn't shibd daemonize itself?  Would you accept patches
which make it do so?  Do you expect any complication?

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