Scott Cantor cantor.2 at
Tue Sep 16 14:01:07 UTC 2008

> Exactly!  As shibd does not daemonize itself, the init script has to
> do that before shibd is started.  Thus its stderr gets lost.  If one
> starts shibd without the init script magic, it puts out the same
> warning as shibd -t, then hangs on the console running the listener
> loop.  Mystery solved.

Ok. That doesn't explain why 2.0 didn't log the same error, of course.

> Now, why doesn't shibd daemonize itself?

I don't know how. I develop on Windows. All the Unix support is ported
afterwards without any particular adaptations other than a small amount of
signal handling that I didn't actually write.

There's a Red Hat script function that's supposed to daemonize things, and
it didn't work when I tried it either.

> Would you accept patches
> which make it do so?  Do you expect any complication?

Yes, and I have no idea, since I don't know what the difference is.

-- Scott

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