Does xmltooling

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Mon Dec 7 08:37:30 UTC 2015

"Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> writes:

> On 11/30/15, 4:47 AM, "Ferenc Wagner" <wferi at> wrote:
>> You made xmltooling 1.5.5 require at least xml-security-c 1.7.3 in
>> the spec file (git commit 429e334).  Was your reason for this
>> technical or of some other nature?  I ask because I'm packaging 1.5.6
>> for Debian and wonder if I should mirror this strict dependency in
>> the package.
> It made it simpler to avoid accidental contamination of the build
> service package builds by older package versions. I subsequently
> figured out how to prevent it, but I had already changed the specfiles
> and they're solely for my use officially anyway.

I see.  Then we stay with requiring xml-security >= 1.4 in the metadata,
which also agrees with the test in  Thanks for the info
and sorry for the stupid subject.

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