[xmltooling] annotated tag 1.4RC1 created (now 0b86525)

Ferenc Wágner wferi-guest at moszumanska.debian.org
Thu Dec 10 22:10:44 UTC 2015

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wferi-guest pushed a change to annotated tag 1.4RC1
in repository xmltooling.

        at  0b86525   (tag)
   tagging  e5a84f387d04247eb6938270f0222cf001bb716e (commit)
  replaces  1.3.3
 tagged by  Scott Cantor
        on  Wed Nov 3 02:26:12 2010 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 1.4RC1 release.

Scott Cantor (127):
      Null out curl CA list to prevent misleading access to it.
      Warn on pkg-config openssl failure and try default header checks instead of failing.
      Bump version, add pkg-config support, version the schemas
      Correct for change to schema dir.
      Parameterize package name.
      Remove pc file from dist.
      Update package soname.
      Fix broken macro.
      Roll back schema directory changes, didn't consider impact on upgrades.
      Alter package names to support side by side installs.
      Move utils to a -bin package.
      Side by side installs, and separate -schemas package.
      Set default file attrs for schemas.
      Switch from int to long in status code exception path.
      Add cache handling to SOAP transport layer.
      Distinguish between visibly used and unused namespaces.
      Distinguish between visibly used and unused namespaces.
      Note visible usage of prefix on xsi:* attributes.
      Reimplement namespace visibility as a three-way setting.
      Add method to compute non-visibly used prefixes in a tree.
      Allow control over thread stack size.
      Lower connect timeout to 10.
      Add code paths for new xmlsec APIs, and allow for undetermined signature algorithm.
      Missing exception handler around algorithm mapping.
      Update for 3.1
      Wrap importNode call in exception handler.
      Wrap importNode call in exception handler.
      Add non-build files to VS projects.
      Add non-build files to VS projects.
      Collapse extra function in cleanup thread.
      Synchronize access to backup file.
      Multi-line svn commit, see body.
      Expose shutdown method to address race condition.
      Clear thread/condvar during shutdown.
      Enable redirect support when using GET method.
      Adjust caching support so Last-Modified-Date and ETag can both be used.
      Patch for RH6 beta specfile for openssl-based curl.
      Fix Obsoletes versioning.
      Bump version.
      Fix Obsoletes versioning.
      Attempt to fix SUSE 11.2 build by reordering lib flags in log4shib test.
      Unix header and doc fixes.
      Convert from NULL macro to nullptr.
      VS10 solution file.
      Add MS cruft to gitignore
      Switch makefile extensions.
      Add back void* casts for legacy builds.
      Add VS10 filter files.
      Add VS10 filter files.
      Revisions to improve handling of backup files.
      Add LC dsig11 schema, fix SerialNumber type in original.
      Partial addition of 1.1 KeyInfo extensions.
      Add accessors for new KeyInfo extensions, and fix builder namespaces.
      Fix svn properties.
      Add same-doc KeyInfoReference support, with option to disable.
      Don't follow references by default.
      Additional 1.1 classes, some fixups to original additions.
      Fix KeyVaue validator, add ECKeyValue test case.
      Add support for DEREncodedKeyValue.
      Add EC key support to helpers and KeyInfo resolution.
      Expose redirect option on transport interface.
      Route signature debugging to log.
      Add linefeeds to signature log boundaries.
      Update ctors to use new attribute shortcuts.
      Add null checks to helper methods.
      Add expiration to storage service logging.
      Add note about ownership of return values to each method.
      Cleaned up conditional in setDOM method.
      Switch encoding to UTF-8.
      Handle EC key types in a couple of methods.
      Add ECDSA algorithms to key type mapping.
      Add max key size check.
      Add method to test for algorithm support.
      Add a reset method.
      Check for empty strings rather than returning them.
      Fix incorrect RSA key size calculation, and reduce extra calls to that method.
      Fix incorrect RSA key size calculation.
      Check for null condition variable in case reload thread hasn't started.
      De-inline some functions.
      De-inline some functions.
      Convert some NULL macros.
      Clean up AC_DEFINE.
      Reorder libtool macros.
      Fix stream constructor calls.
      Fix stream constructor calls.
      Reorder initializers.
      Missing header for Xerces 2.8
      Missing guards for xmlsec EC support.
      Missing guards for xmlsec EC support.
      Reorder initializers.
      Fix header warning.
      Drop from warn to info when using backup file.
      Revert reordering of libtool macros.
      Handle empty path as relative.
      Fix local header references.
      Start revisions of autotools material.
      Result of autoupdate
      Editorial fixes.
      Editorial fixes.
      Working scripts
      Remove already included macro files from EXTRA_DIST
      Update misc project file references.
      Add ctime header.
      Back off autoconf version.
      Back off libtool macro for compatibility.
      Move AC_DISABLE_STATIC above libtool init.
      Need to check for openssl EC support.
      Add X509Digest support, adjust default KeyInfo generation.
      SUSE 11.3 Xerces package rename.
      Require pkg-config only on SUSE.
      Adjust cxxtest path in build rules.


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