[xmltooling] annotated tag 1.5.0 created (now 38f85ea)

Ferenc Wágner wferi-guest at moszumanska.debian.org
Thu Dec 10 22:10:44 UTC 2015

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wferi-guest pushed a change to annotated tag 1.5.0
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        at  38f85ea   (tag)
   tagging  209c95e7285641be1f9cc9ffaf80cd2f13b7ab9f (commit)
  replaces  1.4.1
 tagged by  Scott Cantor
        on  Tue Aug 7 00:14:34 2012 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 1.5.0

Rod Widdowson (1):
      Indirect the location of cxxtest through a property.

Scott Cantor (126):
      Bumping version pending decision on next release.
      Update svn ignores for Eclipse build.
      Test for api directory before installing it.
      Include xstring declaration.
      Update doxygen macro with some fixes, improve GSS detection.
      Add SOAP fault unit test.
      Add SOAP unit test to VC build.
      Fix links in test, and add SOAP schema to test catalog.
      Bump version, adjust VC build for parallel make, fixes for CPPXT-76.
      Update workspace files
      Correct MAX limit constant.
      Merge branch '1.x' of ssh://authdev.it.ohio-state.edu/~scantor/git/cpp-xmltooling into 1.x
      Remove pkg files from configure, fix bug link
      Fix svn properties
      Remove and ignore Eclipse project files.
      Use custom curl package for RHEL6.
      Explicit Require of libcurl-openssl on RHEL6
      Move libcurl requirement downn to libxmltooling package.
      Filter out vanilla libcurl on RH6
      Update links and copyrights
      Add SWITCH to copyright list
      Update VS solution with misc file changes.
      Add CentOS 6 workaround to specfile
      Add quoting to remove autoreconf warning.
      Bump lib package number.
      Missed some package names.
      Remove PKCS 1.5 default for 3DES keys.
      Generate random key when key decryption fails.
      Add dummy credential resolver.
      Add non-working PKIX unit test and test data.
      Handle null criteria when trusted names are set
      Fix unit test config file
      Stop building tests when disabled
      gcc fixes
      Mismatched new/delete.
      Remove inline dummy credential resolver.
      Add logging when size limits exceeded.
      Revert logging change
      Expose size limits on storage in API, and add overflow detection logic to replay cache.
      Disable MS STL warnings.
      Prevent logging library from defining int64_t.
      Add ASCII loadCatalog method.
      Incorporate boost split/lambda.
      Boost dependency support.
      Fix bugs showing up on Solaris.
      Add missing header.
      Fix library ordering issues with link commands.
      Fix another Solaris bug.
      Fix curl link and type tests.
      Add warning for policy mapping on older OpenSSL.
      Add missing namespace qualifiers.
      Add POSIX flag to Solaris build
      Adjust logging error message.
      Incorporating boostisms
      Revert to clear method
      Add check for Boost pointer container
      Replace int converstion code
      More boostisms, add string tokenizer
      Move BOOST_CPPFLAGS into main flags
      More boostisms
      Fix some gcc compiler issues
      Add boost-devel as devel requirement.
      Convert tests to use Chaining cred resolver.
      Switch to vector-based API.
      Header and boost fixes for Debian
      Eliminate printf usage in macros.
      Move catalog handling to parser API from config API.
      Fix use of temp object in tokenizer
      Implement content cloning via macros
      Add int/bool attribute clone macros
      Additional macros and cleanup for cloning
      Adjust Lock API
      Fix CPPFLAGS setter
      Solaris fixes
      Handle https CRLs and favor remote CRLs over inline.
      Add scoped_ptr support to Lock wrappers
      Add release methods to Lock wrappers
      Check for OpenSSL error code for < 0.9.8
      Add cache file type to path resolver
      Language matching support in request API
      Avoid use of newer iterator methods
      Avoid use of newer iterator methods
      Add default port method to request API
      Factor absolutize method back into xmltooling
      Fix legacy XMLString release call
      Fix legacy XMLString release call
      Missing header
      Add additional macros for longer string literals
      Add option to reject unauthenticated ciphers
      Add xml:lang support to XMLObject
      Fix missing forward decl.
      Expose cookie map
      Include patch version
      Fix 64-bit test path
      Add path resolution and env expansion to catalog path.
      Fix warning
      Need test for gmtime_r
      Workaround for missing APPDATA on Windows XP
      APPDATA should have been PROGRAMDATA
      Add GCM algorithm definitions
      Forgot to change length of variable
      XML Enc 1.1 schema
      XML Enc 1.1 schema
      Register extended OAEP algorithm conditionally
      Wrong macro test
      Roll back unnecessary configure test, and add ECDSA-SHA224.
      Bump log4shib requirement
      Register additional key wraps
      Solaris fixes
      Update vendor
      Add XMLEnc 1.1 constants and MGF supporting code


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