[PATCH] Install shibd-systemd only with --enable-systemd

Ferenc Wágner wferi at niif.hu
Wed Mar 23 21:39:03 UTC 2016

"Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at osu.edu> writes:

>> The shibd-systemd service file has Type=notify, thus it won't work
>> without sd_notify() compiled in.  Installing it could be confusing.
> I guess I don't really agree. Those files are not there to be used in
> any particular case, they're just samples from which the actual
> scripts used by various packaging solutions can draw.
> They don't get installed to the system, just copied into etc/
> What's the concern with it?

They are not useful for the user, so we don't package them.  We remove
all shibd-* init scripts except the -debian one, which we patch, move
into place (/etc/init.d) and tie into the bootup process.  Same with the
shibd-systemd unit file, although we also add a tmpfiles snippet and a
default (think sysconfig) file .  Altogether, the packaging solutions
can draw from from any (distributed) file, installing them does not add
value in my opinion.  But I certainly see a limited view only and don't
want to force anything on you.  We can handle the current case all
right, if not very elegantly.

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