Shibboleth and OpenSSL 1.1

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Sun Oct 30 16:15:07 UTC 2016

> Many thanks for the overview, Scott.  If I understand you right,
> Santuario is only the tip of the iceberg: XMLTooling, OpenSAML and the
> SP use the structure fields exposed by OpenSSL 1.0 to do their job, and
> it isn't yet clear whether 1.1 provides the necessary interface at all.

I think Rod already has it all building so he believes the work is mostly done. But that still leaves a lot of testing and getting Santuario dealt with.

Our need for this is strictly Windows, so this is all connected to updating our build process to try and automate all the fixes we have to apply to openssl, curl, etc, none of which provide usable build scripts for Windows, and updating to a newer Microsoft compiler. It's a long way off.

> That agrees with reality, but then what does the last sentence of that
> page mean?  "Note that for OpenSSL 1.1 the
> <AdditionalLibraryDirectories>  stanzas should be changed as
> appropriate" (also missing a full stop).

Probably Rod updating build instructions with whatever he changed. Those instructions are for the project to keep track of what we're doing.

> I'd be interested to have a look, but I failed to find them in Jira or
> the Santuario SVN repo.  Could you please provide some pointer?

Send something to our dev list and Rod can provide them, I don't really know where they are.

-- Scott

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