Transitioning to SP3

Ferenc W√°gner wferi at
Sat Jul 28 14:40:10 BST 2018

Dear Shibboleth Packaging Team,

Version 3 of the Shibboleth Service Provider is out and supports OpenSSL
1.1 (yay!), and I'm back from holiday ready to work on packaging it.
But there are a couple of questions to answer first:

1. Some current package (and repository) names contain version numbers:
   opensaml2, shibboleth-sp2 and their binaries.  Shall we
   a) drop the number,
   b) bump it to 3, or
   c) leave it alone?
   Option a) seems the cleanest but brings in transitional packages,
   option c) does not require any extra work but brings in confusion.

2. Given that the stack has already been removed from testing, do we
   have to perform a formal transition and stage in experimental, or is
   it okay to upload the new versions to unstable one after the other?
Your input is most welcome,

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