Salsa group member application of Juri Grabowski

wferi at wferi at
Thu Jun 18 10:02:13 BST 2020

Peter Schober <peter.schober at> writes:

> * wferi at <wferi at> [2020-06-16 11:29]:
>> This morning Juri Grabowski (gratuxri) requested developer access
> FWIW, a web search shows that someone going by that name (and alias)
> is (was?) a member of the Stuttgart Linux User Group and you can find
> occasional bug reports filed with other distros (e.g. archlinux).
> Nowadays he seems to be an IT consultant working w/ "Open Source".
> So I'd definitively ask what this is about, he's probably just trying
> to report a bug?

If only Gitlab gave me an option to ask questions...  A quick web search
didn't provide an obvious contact address either.

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