Salsa group member application of Juri Grabowski

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Jun 18 10:16:11 BST 2020

* wferi at <wferi at> [2020-06-18 11:02]:
> If only Gitlab gave me an option to ask questions...  A quick web
> search didn't provide an obvious contact address either.

FWIW, maybe some of these will enable you to contact him
(I don't use any of these services):

The commit leaks
this address (in combination with his handle "gratuxri"):
  Co-authored-by: Juri Grabowski <git-commit at>

DENIC (whois offers this generic contact address:
  whois-general-request at

If all else fails you can always try postmaster at or
postmaster at


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