direct log4shib access

wferi at wferi at
Mon Jun 22 11:53:34 BST 2020

Hi Scott,

The memcache-store SP plugin calls log4shib::Category::debug() without
linking to the log4shib library.  This works, because the SP plugin host
provides this symbol for the plugin.  If it is the intended way, then
log4shib/log4cpp should either be declared as a public requirement in
the pkg-config file of the appropriate library, or the host CXXFLAGS/
LIBADD enumerations should be augmented with the logging libraries.  On
the other hand if these symbols aren't meant to be provided by the host,
then the plugin CXXFLAGS/LIBADD should be augmented instead. (The above
plugin is just an example illustrating the question about the intended
API usage.)

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