[Pkg-sugar-devel] Bug#783890: Bug#783890: Solution for conflicting svg file

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Thu May 21 20:03:16 UTC 2015

Quoting Martin Abente (2015-05-21 21:23:59)
> By having  the application-x-squeak-project.svg file in ./activity/ 
> directory, the "setup.py install" step will create a symlink to that 
> file in /usr/share/ icons/sugar/scalable/mimetypes/, in order to 
> install that file as the icon for a custom mime type declared in 
> ./activty/activity.info.

Thanks for the analysis.

> That same mime type icon is already provided by sugar-artwork 
> (sugar-icon-theme), so there is no need for Etoys to provide this 
> icon. I have contacted the upstream maintainer, but for the time being 
> I recommend to remove the icon with a patch in debian/patches. I have 
> attached to this reply the patch 
> for https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-sugar/sugar-etoys-activity.git/ 
> to do so.

While it might be the best approach upstream to remove the SVG file 
(when possible to ensure that sugar-icon-theme provides it), a smaller
workaround in Debian packaging is to remove the file after it is 
installed, with something like this in debian/rules:

# avoid SVG file already included in sugar-*-icon-theme
	rm $(cdbs_curdestdir)usr/share/icons/sugar/scalable/mimetypes/application-x-squeak-project.svg

(Order is ensured because CDBS per-binary-package install/* targets are 
run after common install target.)

...but, given your analysis, I suspect an even simpler workaround is to 
build-depend on sugar-*-icon-theme to not have the symlink generated at 
all.  I will test that now...

(...and I will also try patch sugar-toolkit-gtk3 to create relative 
symlinks, as they currently reference a path specific to the build 
environment build home).

 - Jonas

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