[Pkg-sugar-devel] Patch for Browse package

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Apr 21 05:48:49 UTC 2017


History is that Sam's release of Browse-200 omitted collabwrapper,
Jonas added most of it, but the __init__.py file was missed.

Your version number change isn't right, and that may stop your next
steps.  200+20170421-1 implies (to me anyway) that the package is of
Browse-200 plus whatever is in sugar-browse-activity git to this date,
and when you try to build a pristine-tar will be needed ... and if you
get over that hurdle, the patch isn't needed in the upstream-git and
you'll end up with a failure to apply the patch.

You can do better in one of two ways; either;

1.  use a debian version number of 200+20161203-2, or;

2.  bring all changes into the package by using the upstream-git
method [1], and remove your 2002_collabwrapper_init.patch and the
prior 2001_collabwrapper.patch,

(the problem hasn't delayed me, as i'm using a derivative package with
collabwrapper included.)




James Cameron

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