[Pkg-sugar-devel] Patch for Browse package

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Wed Apr 26 15:10:13 UTC 2017

Hi Jonas,

I've been trying to follow your advice. Although I moved forward, I
still have some questions.

I've managed to produce a patch with /quilt/ for the 2001 patch. The
issue seems to be that quilt ignores empty files.

The attached patch just adds __init__.py with a comment. But I left the
changelog or bumping versions, not sure if they should be included.

My difficulty comes when trying to build the package. I have tried both
`gbp buildpackage` (promising, no result, complains about not pushed
commits, and after pushing to a clone, about untracked files, and
finally about not having Jonas's secret key) and also tried `sudo
debian/rules binary` which produces a package without patches.

Thanks for your guidance.

Upstream also has a fix for #861052 which actually turns out to be a bug
in Browse too, James, do you think we should add this patch to Stretch?



El 21/04/17 a las 02:22, Jonas Smedegaard escribió:
> Quoting Sebastian Silva (2017-04-21 07:08:23)
>> It's been a couple of years since I last tried to help with packages.
>> Here's a patch to the packaging of Browse. However I'm a little rusty on
>> pristine-tar etc.
>> Could you please guide me? Perhaps there's a better way.
> Apart from James' excellent comments, a more general note:
> It seems you let dpkg auto-generate a patch for you.
> Not sure if better or I am just old-fashioned, but whenever dpkg 
> auto-generates a patch for me, I take it as an error: Throw away that 
> patch, roll back to a stable state in git, and try again.
> I use quilt to manage patches - here's how to add a file to an existing 
> patch using quilt:
> 1extend) apply the old patch:
>   quilt push
> (if there were multiple patches in the stack, keep pushing unitl the 
> patch you want to edit is the one applied (no no other on top of that).
> 2) register with git the new (i.e. not yet existing) file):
>   quilt add path/to/new/file
> 3) edit the file:
>   [here: simply copy the new file into place]
> 4) update the patch:
>   quilt refresh
> 5) unapply the patch (and any other patches below that in the stack):
>   quilt pop -a
> You should now have a clean git, except the patch file below 
> /debian/patches is changed.
> If you instead want to add a new patch at the end of the patch stack, 
> replace 1-extend) with this:
> 1append)
>   quilt push -a
>   quilt new name-of-new-patch.patch
> End result should then be a clean git, except the aded patch and a 
> one-line change to debian/patches/series.
> By default, patches are created with timestamps and other embedded 
> hints.
The above commands only work after the following...
> To avoid that (and a few other tricks), I have the following in the file 
> ~/.quiltrc:
> d=. ; while [ ! -d $d/debian -a `readlink -e $d` != / ]; do d=$d/..; done
> if [ -d $d/debian ] && [ -z $QUILT_PATCHES ]; then
>   # if in Debian packaging tree with unset $QUILT_PATCHES
>   QUILT_PATCHES="debian/patches"
>   QUILT_PATCH_OPTS="--reject-format=unified"
>   QUILT_DIFF_ARGS="-p ab --no-timestamps --no-index --color=auto"
>   QUILT_REFRESH_ARGS="-p ab --no-timestamps --no-index"
>   QUILT_COLORS="diff_hdr=1;32:diff_add=1;34:diff_rem=1;31:diff_hunk=1;33:diff_ctx=35:diff_cctx=33"
>   if ! [ -d $d/debian/patches ]; then mkdir $d/debian/patches; fi
> fi
I've added this incantation to my dotfiles but it's very confusing.
> To tidy existing patches, use "quilt refresh" after they are applied.
> What I do to tidy a full patch series is repeat this until it fails:
>   quilt push && quilt refresh
> Hope that helps,
>  - Jonas

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