[Pkg-sugar-devel] [Debian-olpc-devel] How to build for XO1 and XO1.5 ?

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sat Mar 25 03:12:47 UTC 2017

On 23/03/17 22:09, James Cameron wrote:
> I'm also interested in trying one of the live build tools, but haven't
> had time.  My build of a Debian derivative for NL3 (an EFI BIOS),
> works by unpacking the ISO-9660 image, adding packages from my
> archive, and then repacking the image.  Slow, but I use approx,
> overlayfs, tmpfs and lots of RAM; it has been slower.  Also an
> advantage in always starting from a known-good release image, which is
> lost using live build tools.
Time flies!
You just sent me back 9 years to the first time I build a Debian
derivatate that combined Sugar and XFCE.


It even still exists today thanks to OLPC wiki (thank you!).

Check out:

It has Sugar 0.79 (sugar-emulator) available from the XFCE live menu of
I did it with the exact same technique you describe (and surely more
limited hardware)!

This morning I even tried it and it served as a reminder of how some
activities used to look originally.

Finally, after a few previous attempts, I succeeded in building a Debian
SugarBlend prototype.

It is very vanilla Sugar-as-packaged by Jonas except for a fix I picked
up for Browse #848840

I've documented the whole process <https://wiki.debian.org/SugarBlend>
and added a download link for the first working build. There is of
course much to improve. The idea being to improve Debian itself, rather
than our blend of it, that is, to work preferably on the upstream Debian
packages and avoid non-packaged customization.

Thanks for everyone's support. Perhaps Jonas might prefer a different
route for building images.
I am not attached to one solution.

But it's a start!

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