[Pkg-sugar-devel] Bug#790158: Bug#790158: Upstream comment

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Oct 16 09:30:55 UTC 2017

On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 10:20:16AM +0200, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting James Cameron (2017-10-16 07:03:24)
> > Upstream could bring python-rsvg source into the code base; would that 
> > be okay?
> No.
> The team in Debian familiar with librsvg decides that its end of life is 
> reached.  I will not be comfortable with sidestepping that decision by 
> essentially taking over maintenance with Sugarlabs as new upstream!


Actually, librsvg2 isn't end of life, but gnome-python-desktop is; a
strange place for the binding, but hey, it's what we have.

The binding is really tiny.

wc --lines ...

  135 rsvg.defs
   35 rsvgmodule.c
  229 rsvg.override

Or fork to run librsvg2-bin /usr/bin/rsvg-convert

> > Porting from python-rsvg to gir1.2-rsvg-2.0 would also require porting 
> > to GTK+ 2 GObject introspection.  This would break compatibility with 
> > downloaded Sugar activities.
> GTK+ 2.x is on its way out.  And _that_ is really what breaks activities 
> depending on GTK+ 2.x.
> Activities using GTK+ 2.x is expected to stop working with Debian 
> relatively soon.

Okay.  For Buster or later?

> I don't see any other (realistic) option than porting to modern stuff 
> like GTK+ 3.x and gir.

Agreed.  I've heard that hundreds of programs are affected, but they
aren't in Debian, so not our problem here.

I've checked Sid dependencies, to predict next steps, described below;
have I understood consequences correctly?

Debian will remove src:sugar-toolkit and python-sugar-toolkit, which
will cascade to;

- remove the python-sugar-toolkit recommends in package sucrose,

- remove gtk2-engines-sugar from src:sugar-artwork, and the recommends
  in package sucrose,

- remove package sugar-presence-service, (python-sugar-toolkit held
  the last dependency),

- remove or package new upstream releases for

- remove or wait for new upstream release for
  sugar-jigsawpuzzle-activity, logged upstream as

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