[Pkg-sugar-devel] Debian Sugar package maintenance moving forward

Alex Perez aperez at alexperez.com
Mon May 13 20:12:32 BST 2019


Thank you for 

I discovered it when I went to file a bug this morning, using reportbug.

Jonas Smedegaard wrote on 5/13/19 2:54 AM:
> NB! Please subscribe to our mailinglist.  Subscription page is
> referenced from https://wiki.debian.org/Sugar#Development

Done, although it looks as if someone needs to possibly approve my 
> Quoting Alex Perez (2019-05-13 04:48:05)
>> Is there really no web interface for filing Debian bugs? This seems
>> bizarre.
> Use webmail if you really must.  But beware that the _recommended_
> method is to use reportbug so as to include helpful system information
> with bugreports.
I am new to it, but it doesn't seem complicated, although the e-mail bug 
submission system seems..antiquated, whereas reportbug seems much more 
> Also, please notice that you offered to help here: Framing the tools
> used here as "bizarre" is not helpful but can easily be seen as
> provocative.
Don't take it the wrong way...This is purely my opinion, but I suspect 
the uniqueness of some of these tools may be why others do not 
contribute packaging bugs for Sugar on Debian.
> [remaining parts covered in earlier subthread]
>    - Jonas

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