[Pkg-sugar-devel] Debian Sugar package maintenance moving forward

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Mon May 13 23:00:36 BST 2019

Quoting Alex Perez (2019-05-13 21:12:32)
> Thank you for filing 
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=928801

Not sure why, but your email program seems to wrap URLs to route them 
through Google.  Better use plain URLs if possible.

Also, Debian bugreports can use this shorter form: 

> I discovered it when I went to file a bug this morning, using 
> reportbug.
> Jonas Smedegaard wrote on 5/13/19 2:54 AM:
> > NB! Please subscribe to our mailinglist.  Subscription page is 
> > referenced from https://wiki.debian.org/Sugar#Development
> Done, although it looks as if someone needs to possibly approve my 
> subscription?

Seems you requested membership of our salsa team (now granted), but not 
our mailinglist.

Sorry, I realize now how that was likely not obvious: Salsa is a gitlab 
hosting, and the mailinglist is independent of that.

Initially when you wrote you wanted to help I assumed you wanted to help 
with packaging - that's the reason I immediately talked about Salsa.  
Our conversation since then indicates that perhaps your help might 
instead be in bug traging and coordination between Debian and Sugarlaps, 
which is great too, and need no access to Salsa only mailinglist.

Membership in Salsa is only needed for working with git. Sorry for the 

> > Quoting Alex Perez (2019-05-13 04:48:05)
> >> Is there really no web interface for filing Debian bugs? This seems 
> >> bizarre.
> > Use webmail if you really must.  But beware that the _recommended_ 
> > method is to use reportbug so as to include helpful system 
> > information with bugreports.
> I am new to it, but it doesn't seem complicated, although the e-mail 
> bug submission system seems..antiquated, whereas reportbug seems much 
> more straightforward.
> >
> > Also, please notice that you offered to help here: Framing the tools 
> > used here as "bizarre" is not helpful but can easily be seen as 
> > provocative.
> Don't take it the wrong way...This is purely my opinion, but I suspect 
> the uniqueness of some of these tools may be why others do not 
> contribute packaging bugs for Sugar on Debian.

You are not the first newcomer to suggest that a perceived lack of 
contributions is due to Debian using inferior tools.

You enter an environment alien to you and immediately call it out as 
"bizarre" and (now _after_ my warning) "antiquated".

I don't take offense by that but others might.  More likely though, you 
just look like a fool when making such quick assumptions.  Your choice.

 - Jonas

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