[Pkg-sugar-devel] Debian Sugar package maintenance moving forward

Alex Perez aperez at alexperez.com
Tue May 14 00:06:47 BST 2019


Jonas Smedegaard wrote on 5/13/19 4:00 PM:
> Please do not contact me discretely.
> Reply-To: and Mail-Followup-To: headers both pointed to the mailinglist!
...and until this problem is fixed, every single e-mail I send there 
will be held for moderation, so this behavior is unfortunately not 
helping the situation.
> Quoting Alex Perez (2019-05-13 22:58:53)
>> Are you currently using https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-sugar-team at
>> all?
> Sorry, I don't understand the question.

I don't see any activity there, so I don't know if Salsa is something 
that's used within the context of Sugar package management.
>> Jonas Smedegaard wrote on 5/13/19 2:54 AM:
>>> NB! Please subscribe to our mailinglist.  Subscription page is
>>> referenced from https://wiki.debian.org/Sugar#Development
>> I have attempted to several times, but have never received the
>> confirmation e-mail. Is something broken, or does someone need to
>> manually approve my subscription?
> That's odd.
> Just to be sure - which URL did oyu end up subscribing at, and for which
> email address?
I have attempted over six times to subscribe at 

I have tried two different e-mail addresses multiple times, both 
aperez at alexperez.com and aperez at sugarlabs.org.

Every time I e-mail pkg-sugar-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org, I receive 
the following in response:

Your mail to 'pkg-sugar-devel' with the subject

     Open Debian Sugar bug bug

Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.

The reason it is being held:

     Post by non-member to a members-only list

>   - Jonas

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