[Pkg-systemd-maintainers] gdm3: GLib.js still an issue GDM doesn't get to greeter

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at debian.org
Sun Nov 17 18:01:19 GMT 2013

On 17/11/13 17:51, Les Schaffer wrote:
> On 11/17/2013 11:22 AM, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> Thanks! I think the relevant part is:
>> open("/proc/8417/cgroup", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or
>> directory)
>> sendmsg(9, {msg_name(0)=NULL,
>> msg_iov(2)=[{"l\3\1\1\24\0\0\0+\0\0\0W\0\0\0\6\1s\0\5\0\0\0:1.78\0\0\0"...,
>> 104}, {"\17\0\0\0No such process\0", 20}], msg_controllen=0, msg_flags=0},
>> MSG_NOSIGNAL) = 124
> you're not concerned about the persistent
>     lstat("/run/systemd/system/", 0x7fff8173a450) = -1 ENOENT (No such
> file or directory)
> ??

No, that's fine and normal since you're not running systemd as init.

>> What's happening here is:
>> libpam-systemd sends its own pid (8417) in the CreateSession dbus message.
>> logind looks for /proc/8417/cgroup which doesn't exist, so it thinks there's
>> no pid 8417 running, and returns ESRCH. However /proc/8417 has to be there as
>> getpid() in libpam-systemd won't fail and I doubt there's a problem in the dbus
>> message passing. So if I'm right, the problem has to be that the cgroup files
>> are missing.
>> I see you're running linux 3.12. Where have you got it from? Have you built it
>> yourself? Was CONFIG_CGROUPS disabled when building it? Do other
>> /proc/$pid/cgroup files exist?
> 3.12 is my own, i believe CONFIG_CGROUPS is disabled, yes. to save you
> grief i tried debian unstable's very own 3.11-1 and get similar problem
> but different issue in :0-greeter.log, billions and billions of:

Ok so CONFIG_CGROUPS being disabled is the problem here.

> (gnome-settings-daemon:4938): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create
> directory '/run/user/0/dconf': Permission denied.  dconf will not work
> properly.
> i think you solved this earlier???????

No, we got this reported in #724731 but it was mixed with the other two bugs
there so it got kind of lost. This may be related to



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