Bug#901991: LogLevel vs log_level vs --log-level

Michael Biebl biebl at debian.org
Sun Jun 24 14:52:25 BST 2018

Am 21.06.2018 um 07:36 schrieb Harald Dunkel:
> Package: systemd
> Version: 232-25+deb9u2
> Severity: wishlist
> systemd has several naming schemes for the same configuration option,
> e.g.
>     LogLevel    (/etc/systemd/system.conf)
>     --log-level    (systemd command line)
>     log_level    (kernel command line)
> There are *many* more. IMHO thats bad practice. It is confusing, error-
> prone and has no advantage.
> It would be a huge improvement if systemd defines a common naming
> scheme for options, and sticks with it.
> Just a suggestion, of course. Please forward, if necessary.

The naming scheme is pretty consistent:
kernel options use _
command line options use -
unit file configuration directives use CamelCase.

I'm not convinced that changing that naming scheme now would we worth
the migration effort, so I'm not going to forward this to upstream myself.

If you feel strongly about this, please raise this issue yourself
upstream at https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues
and report back with the upstream bug number

Otherwise we will simply have to close this bug report as this is not
going to be a change where we will carry a downstream patch.


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