Bug#922082: src:systemd: please package a minimal build of systemd-socket-activate separately

Ansgar ansgar at debian.org
Tue Feb 12 08:10:57 GMT 2019

Daniel Kahn Gillmor writes:
> If those non-systemd systems had a simple-to-install socket activation
> wrapper, then we could convince the daemons to drop their
> non-socket-activated codepaths, and encourage them to launch their
> daemons something like this:

I think that would be nice in principle, just like being able to use
tmpfiles and other stuff, but am not convinced that building a minimal
version of tools from src:systemd helps given non-Linux systems exist.

All the logic would still need to be there for those systems.

Maybe a separate implementation (like opentmpfiles for tmpfiles) would
be a better approach?


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