[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#635473: Finalizing /run transition manually seems to have worked

Roger Leigh rleigh at codelibre.net
Sun Sep 18 18:00:36 UTC 2011

On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 06:46:26PM +0200, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:
> user rleigh at debian.org
> usertags run-transition
> thanks
> I now transitioned and everything looks fine, buy
> 1) removing the link /run -> /var/run

> 2) adjusting /etc/fstab to add /run and comment out /var/run
/etc/fstab only needs a /run entry if you want to customise the
mount options, otherwise it's automatic.

> 3) going single user
> 4) moving all files from /var/run -> /run
> 5) replacing /var/run with a symlink to /run
> 6) rebooting

Looks fine to me.  Note you also want to symlink /var/lock to

> Everything looks fine now.
> In the process, I discovered a file called .run-transition in
> /var/run, with the contents:
> Please reboot to complete migration to tmpfs-based /run
> I moved this file as well to /run and it is gone as expected after the
> reboot :-))

That's fine too.  Normally that would have been cleaned up when
you rebooted.

For some reason I was never notified when this got reassigned to
sysvinit.  Possibly I missed it--less than two weeks until I have
to submit my PhD thesis, so I've been somewhat preoccupied over the
last few weeks!

Regarding the /run vs /var/run symlinks: if the initscripts postinst
thinks you're inside a chroot, it will link /run to /var/run rather
than the other way around.  There are a few reasons for this, it's
mainly to do with initscripts not being run inside chroots which
means the transition wouldn't complete if we did things the
"correct" way around.  This would be why it went wrong in your

Right now, there shouldn't be any issues.  A few months back,
debian-installer would have caused the link to be created the
wrong way around for new installs.  This was fixed with the new
base-files, which is now in testing.  So unless you're doing things
using virtualisation stuff like vservers or the like, everything
should work correctly.  I'm not sure about the specifics of your
installation, but if it was a recent install, it could have
happened then, or if you were using virtualisation.


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