[Pkg-sysvinit-devel] Bug#635473: Finalizing /run transition manually seems to have worked

Helge Kreutzmann debian at helgefjell.de
Sun Sep 18 16:46:26 UTC 2011

user rleigh at debian.org
usertags run-transition

I now transitioned and everything looks fine, buy
1) removing the link /run -> /var/run
2) adjusting /etc/fstab to add /run and comment out /var/run
3) going single user
4) moving all files from /var/run -> /run
5) replacing /var/run with a symlink to /run
6) rebooting

Everything looks fine now.

In the process, I discovered a file called .run-transition in
/var/run, with the contents:
Please reboot to complete migration to tmpfs-based /run

I moved this file as well to /run and it is gone as expected after the
reboot :-))

If I can be of any help, do not hesitate to ask, else close the bug
and hope I'm the only one affected.


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           Dipl.-Phys.                   http://www.helgefjell.de/debian.php
        64bit GNU powered                     gpg signed mail preferred
           Help keep free software "libre": http://www.ffii.de/
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