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Es I in Scene of Impeachment] It is not surprising that Browning should
have been attracted to this period of English history, when he
contemplated the writing of a play on an English subject. His
liberty-loving mind would naturally find congenial occupation in
depicting this great English struggle for liberty. Yet the hero of the
play is not Pym, the leader of the people, but Strafford, the supporter
of the King. The dramatic reasons are sufficient to account for this.
Strafford's career was picturesque and tragic and his personality so
striking that more than one interpretation of his remarkable life is
possible. The interpretation will differ according to whether one is
partisan in hatred or admiration of his character and policy, or
possesses the larger quality of sympathetic appreciation of the man and
the problems with which he had to deal. Any one coming to judge him in
this latter spirit would undoubtedly perceive all the fine points in
Strafford's nature and would balance these against his theories of
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