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 cared so little for the cold or their care.] The old wolf said, "How
far are you going?" Leux answered, "Three days' journey." The wolf said
then, "I will do for you the very best thing I can. I will give you
three fires, one for each night." The wolf told him to gather some dry
wood, put it in a pile, jump over it, and it would burn.[22] [Footnote
22: It was possible that the wolf gave him some charm or medicine with
which to accomplish this.] Leux parted from the wolf, and as soon as he
was out of sight he thought he would try to make a fire as directed by
the wolf, remarking that he did not think it would burn. So he gathered
some dry wood, made a little pile, and jumped over it, as he had been
directed. The wood was ignited, as the wolf had predicted, much to the
surprise of Leux. Leux then put out the fire. After walking a short
distance he kindled another in the same way. This he put out as before,
and at noon tried again, kindling the fire as before and putting it out
immediately after. Now when night came Leux made a camp and collected a
pile of good dry wood and jumped over it, as he had done previously, and
as he had been directed by the wolf. But this time the wood did not
burn. He repeatedly jumped over the wood, but in vain. The wood gave off
a cloud of smoke, but no blaze appeared. That night it was bitter
cold,--so cold that Leux was nearly frozen to death.[23] [Footnote 23:
The above story is told substantially as
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