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But X-rays._ He pressed the top of one claw into the wax. Vorongil
nodded, shoved it on a shelf without looking at it. "So much for that,"
said Ringg, laughing, as they came out. "The Bald One was in a good
temper. I'm going to the port and celebrate, not that this dim place is
very festive. You?" "I--I think I'll stay aboard." "Well, if you change
your mind, I'll be down there somewhere," Ringg said. "See you later,
shipmate." He raised his closed fist in farewell, and went. Bart stood
in the corridor, feeling astounded and strange. He _belonged_ here! He
had a right to be on board the ship! He wasn't quite sure what to do
next. A Lhari, as short and fat as a Lhari could possibly be and still
be a Lhari, came or rather waddled out of the captain's office. He saw
Bartol and called, "Are you the new First Class? I'm Rugel,
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