[Pkg-telepathy-maintainers] Empathy - logging to prosody server not working anymore

Bertrand HER bher at ouvaton.org
Thu Aug 8 22:00:15 BST 2019

Dear maintainers,

After upgrading to buster, I cannot connect to my Prosody account
anymore. I do not know how specific to me this issue is. Sharing the
info seems relevant nonetheless. This place seems the right place to me,
since I am not sure which package/which part is not fully functional. A
little additional information:

  * my config : freshly upgraded to Debian Buster ; no exotic sources in
    my sources.list file or directory, nor package pinning.
  * other test connections:
      o I could connect to a ejabberd server;
      o connecting to my prosody server is working fine with pidgin;
      o connecting with Empathy with a computer under stretch is working;
  * Taking a look at the debugging info shows that :
      o the connection process hangs after the following line :
        "empathy_tls_verifier_finalize: 0x55e9d045c040" : the process
        hangs for a minute, then I have the line "timeout_cb: Timeout
        reached; exiting..."
      o Just before, stands the following error :
        "g_atomic_ref_count_dec: assertion 'g_atomic_int_get (arc) > 0'
        failed" (from GLib)
  * I tried ignoring the SSL errors and connecting without encryption to
    see if it changed anything, it does not solve the problem though.
  * I considered downgrading :
      o downgrading the sole Empathy package does not solve the issue ;
      o I tried also downgrading a few relevant packages
        (telepathy-mission-control-5, gabble,...) but I had no luck ;
      o downgrading all the packages needed by Empathy does not seems to
        be an option as they impact the rest of the system.

If you happen to have any idea why this does not work, or confirm that
this issue is specific to my config (for instance if you can connect to
a prosody account with Empathy under buster), I would gladly hear it. I
remain available to further describe the issue if you deem it necessary.

Best regards,


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