need help for vdr-plugin-burn-0.0.4b

Thomas Schmidt
Sun, 5 Dec 2004 01:29:06 +0100

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* Peter Siering schrieb am 04.12.04, um 15:17 Uhr:
> > deb sarge main
> > deb-src sarge main
> >=20
> > packages are vdr-plugin-burn and m2vrequantizer
> >=20
> great - after a short look at the source there are some bits missing
> (debian/copyright is still pointing to another package) and some things
> could be integrated that have become common for packaging for vdr-Debian
> these days (patchlevel for different binary versions).=20
> Would you like to change those on your own our should I do? Should we
> inject the package into CVS?
> Any objections on this? vdr-plugin-burn will pull some packages not part
> of official Debian - may be never part of (i.e. transcode)?=20

Well, then it will be the best to place it in Tobi's repository first,=20
but i will look at it, as soon as i have some time.


Thomas Schmidt

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