Tobias Grimm
Thu, 02 Sep 2004 18:41:23 +0200

Thomas Schmidt wrote:

>>( and since monday i have a new job. :)
Congratulations! What is it?

>>Hmm, i thougth wo talk english on this list now, but no problem, this
>>happens. :)
Sorry... just forgot this, because there hasn't been a any posting for a 
while ;)

>>week, did this prevent you from committing anything, or am i not the
>>only one, who did not very much in the last weeks? :)
I didn't had trouble accessing the CVS read-only. I've just commited a 
small change to the plugin loader. Currently I'm a little bit busy with 
some other projects. One of it is a scripting-plugin that will allow to 
write VDR-Extensions in Ruby and later on in Python too. So far it looks 
very promising, I hope to have a small preview ready within the next days.