Thomas Schmidt
Sat, 4 Sep 2004 14:19:06 +0200

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* Tobias Grimm schrieb am 02.09.04, um 18:41 Uhr:
> Congratulations! What is it?

Well, the job has more or less to do with Digital TV, i work at the
Call-Center of Kabel Deutschland, to finance my studies a little bit.
Another funny thing is that the neighbour-building is the headquarter=20
of Technotrend. ;-)

> I didn't had trouble accessing the CVS read-only. I've just commited a=20
> small change to the plugin loader. Currently I'm a little bit busy with=
> some other projects. One of it is a scripting-plugin that will allow to=
> write VDR-Extensions in Ruby and later on in Python too. So far it looks=
> very promising, I hope to have a small preview ready within the next days.

Sounds very interesting, what features do you intend to implement in
your plugin, or which type of extensions does it allow to create?

Hmm, it seems that the mailinglist work again, i hope alioth will not
have any problems again in the near future.


Thomas Schmidt

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