DVB device nodes (was: Re: Bug#265799: udev: /dev/input/* mode 0600 breaks remote control input)

Thomas Schmidt pkg-vdr-dvb-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:47:48 +0200

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* Darren Salt schrieb am 14.09.04, um 00:05 Uhr:
> I'm not aware of one. BTW, that script should really be using
>   cd /dev && MAKEDEV dvb
> instead of that list of mknod commands.

Yes, it should use makedev, but it seems that makedev checks, if udev
is in use, and in this case simply does not create any device.

> > well when it is this way, i will probably uninstall udev again. :(
> sysfs support is in dvb-kernel CVS. I've not (yet) tested it for myself.
> <URL:http://linuxtv.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/dvb-kernel/linux/Documentation=
> I think that it's worth creating the necessary files and symlinks to allow
> udev to create the device nodes - and, ideally, making sure that this gets
> into sarge. This appears to be trivial, so I've done this more or less
> straight from upstream documentation. The attached patch replaces my prev=
> patch - there are bug fixes.

Well, i now think that it would be better, if these files will be
included in the udev-package. (Marco d'Itri convinced me.)

The main reason for this is that i think, there are users out there
who do not need the dvb-utils-package (even i have installed it for
mainly one reason: testing, because i maintain it - i do not really=20
use any of the tools on a regular base) :)

Also there might be users who want to use other remotes or drivers
which use the input-layer and require to have permissions of !=3D 0600 -
it would be confusing for such users when they should install
dvb-utils (when they do not have anything dvb-related in use) to be=20
able to use these remotes/drivers.

> > (There is also at least lirc_serial (needed for my remote), which does =
> > support sysfs.)
> MAKEDEV again?

Same as above, but yesterday i simply copied the missing device-files=20
=66rom the backup-location (which udev creates automatically) /.dev/ to=20
/dev/, but this is far from beeing a clean solution. :)


Thomas Schmidt

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