DVB device nodes (was: Re: Bug#265799: udev: /dev/input/* mode 0600 breaks remote control input)

Darren Salt pkg-vdr-dvb-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 01:35:20 +0100

I demand that Thomas Schmidt may or may not have written...

> * Darren Salt schrieb am 14.09.04, um 00:05 Uhr:
>> I'm not aware of one. BTW, that script should really be using
>>   cd /dev && MAKEDEV dvb
>> instead of that list of mknod commands.

> Yes, it should use makedev, but it seems that makedev checks, if udev is in
> use, and in this case simply does not create any device.

Yes. That'd be a bit of a problem :-)

>>> well when it is this way, i will probably uninstall udev again. :(
>> sysfs support is in dvb-kernel CVS. I've not (yet) tested it for myself.
>> <URL:http://linuxtv.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/dvb-kernel/linux/Documentation/dvb/udev.txt>
>> I think that it's worth creating the necessary files and symlinks to allow
>> udev to create the device nodes - and, ideally, making sure that this gets
>> into sarge. This appears to be trivial, so I've done this more or less
>> straight from upstream documentation. The attached patch replaces my
>> previous patch - there are bug fixes.

> Well, i now think that it would be better, if these files will be included
> in the udev-package. (Marco d'Itri convinced me.)

I see that the script has appeared in udev *but* the KEYWORDS variable can't
be overridden (although as it stands, it's useful for dvb). I'll file a bug
on that.

> The main reason for this is that i think, there are users out there who do
> not need the dvb-utils-package (even i have installed it for mainly one
> reason: testing, because i maintain it - i do not really use any of the
> tools on a regular base) :)

</AOL>, but I still think that you need the udev rule in a dvb package. And
users will (initially) have a use for dvb-utils, if only to use scan to
generate an initial channels.conf, and probably for loading a remote keymap
during boot.

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