I'd like to join the pkg-vdr-dvb team

Nicolas Boullis nboullis at debian.org
Sun Jun 25 22:41:02 UTC 2006


On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 01:52:33AM +0200, Tobias Grimm wrote:
> Nicolas Boullis wrote:
> > have lots to learn. I'll try to do my best, and ask rather than make 
> > mistakes, but please tell me if I do anything wrong.
> >   
> Small mistakes can easily be reverted in subversion, so there's nothing
> to worry about. There're just some small, unwritten guide lines:
> - When upgrading a package, commit the tarball before doing anything
> else, so that everyone knows, that upgrading this package is already in
> progress.


> - Unreleased Debian versions are marked with UNRELEASED and "NOT
> RELEASED YET" in the changelog. Whoever uploades a package (or in my
> case releases it somewhere else) removes these marks and tags the
> package in the subversion repository.

So when I want to upload, I should:
  - remove the UNRELEASED marks
  - commit
  - run "svn-buildpackage --svn-tag"
  - run "dch -i" to prepare the next release and add the UNRELEASED 
  - commit

Is that correct?

> - New packages are always injected with -o (mergeWithUpstream), all
> changes to upstream sources are provided as dpatch-files

Is there anything convenient to work with those dpatch patches within 
the local svn copy? Or should I run "svn-buildpackage -S" to generate 
the corresponding source package, unpack it, and then use the standard 
dpatch tools, and copy those new patches to my local svn copy?

> > What packages would be the most useful to upload?
> Hard to tell. I think text2skin and the skins package is a good
> candidate. Spider, Sudoku and Solitaire too. Softdevice might also be a
> good choice for everyone, not having a full featured DVB card.
> Unfortunately vdr-plugin-xine still needs a patched version of libxine.
> But I'm working on that issue.

Hmmm, I have no idea what the text2skin plugin does...
I probably would not give the games the highest priority.
Softdevice looks like a good thing to package.
And about xine plugin, what does it do? Allow to use xine's output 
plugin from vdr (which would probably obsolete softdevice and dxr3), or 
use xine within vdr (which my obsolete DVD and VCD)?

> > Well, I guess I should first understand how both repositories interact. 
> > Why not have everything in a single repository?
> I think mainly because of historical reasons. With the first release of
> the above mentioned ctvdr-distribution, I started to package some more
> plugins and provided them on my homepage. The demand for these plugins
> was pretty high and fortunately, one user sponsored me a small root
> server. That's when I setup a CVS repository and later Subversion for
> the packages. Thomas Schmidt started the Alioth-Project a little bit
> later, but we just haven't migrated all packages to Alioth, so we now
> have two repositories :-) But the goal is, to have most packages on
> Alioth in the future.

Then if I understand it correctly, I should not have to care about 
packages on e-tobi.net, should I?



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