I'd like to join the pkg-vdr-dvb team

Tobias Grimm tobias.grimm at e-tobi.net
Mon Jun 26 07:36:53 UTC 2006

Nicolas Boullis wrote:

> So when I want to upload, I should:
>   - remove the UNRELEASED marks
>   - commit
>   - run "svn-buildpackage --svn-tag"
>   - run "dch -i" to prepare the next release and add the UNRELEASED 
>     marks
>   - commit
> Is that correct?

Yes. But svn-buildpackage automatically adds the UNRELEASED marks. It's
not necessary to commit these marks, if nothing has been changed after
tagging the package. The first one who makes a change to the package,
just does dch -i and adds the marks. But it doesn't hurt to commit the
UNRELEASED marks after --svn-tag.

> Is there anything convenient to work with those dpatch patches within 
> the local svn copy?


> Or should I run "svn-buildpackage -S" to generate 
> the corresponding source package, unpack it, and then use the standard 
> dpatch tools, and copy those new patches to my local svn copy?

That's how I do it too.

> Hmmm, I have no idea what the text2skin plugin does...

It provides several OSD skins for VDR, which are defined in XML files.

> Softdevice looks like a good thing to package.

It's already packaged and working. It just may need some more testing.

> And about xine plugin, what does it do? Allow to use xine's output 
> plugin from vdr (which would probably obsolete softdevice and dxr3), or 
> use xine within vdr (which my obsolete DVD and VCD)?

The first one. Xine is used as output device. But as long as a patched
libxine is needed, this is no upload candidate.

> Then if I understand it correctly, I should not have to care about 
> packages on e-tobi.net, should I?

No. But you may want to take packages from there, put them on Alioth and
upload them to Debian. Or just tell me, what packages you are interested
in and I will move them to Alioth.

Here's a list of all available packages:




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