Bug#574660: vdr: enabling hardlinkcutter patch

Tobias Grimm tobias.grimm at e-tobi.net
Sat Mar 27 12:31:52 UTC 2010


harrytuttle wrote:

> What about enabling the hard link cutter patch?

Sorry, we won't do this. The VDR version in Debian should stay as
"vanilla" as possible. If you want to see the hardlinkcutter patch in
Debian, please make a request to Klaus on the VDR mailinglist [1].

But we will continue to keep the patch in the source package so people can
compile it their self. Besides this you can find binary packages in the
"multipatch" section of my private VDR packages repository [2].

>  -it doesn't change the abi

No, it does. It adds new members to cSetup which changes the ABI.

> to make it work with g++-4.4 a small fix is needed 
> on line 430 of opt-52_hard_link_cutter.dpatch:
> -  while ((p = strrchr((const char*)Name + 1, '/')) != NULL) {
> +  while ((p = strrchr((char*)(const char*)Name + 1, '/')) != NULL) {

This will be fixed in the next source package I'll upload soon.

[1] http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/
[2] deb http://e-tobi.net/vdr-experimental (lenny|sid) vdr-multipatch



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