Uploading experimental pwlib/openh323 to unstable

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jsogo@debian.org
Tue, 4 May 2004 23:54:49 +0200

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El d=EDa 04 may 2004, Mark Purcell escrib=EDa:
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> Jose,
> Thanks for the work on gnugk.

  No problem. I only don't want it to be lost because of manty and you
  don't using SVN ;-)

> I'm still a bit behind the curve on Subversion, so I will take a while to=
> upto speed. Also I have only needed cvs in the past to get read-access to=
> projects in development.
> That said I see the Debian use of Subversion a great step forward, please=
> give me some time to get upto speed with the change of Package maintenanc=
> philosophy.

  Ok, no problem. My "problem" is that I usually can only devote long
  periods of time to Debian stuff at weekends, so what is not done in a
  weekend usually means that will need another week to be completed.
  BTW, Kilian and me are very interested in having a way of contacting
  you other than email, perhaps jabber IM or so. This is more important
  as your timezone is not so "compatible" with ours.

> I'm currently working my way through your README and have managed to down=
> the archive. =20
> I just now have to work out how to make changes, get them committed back =
> the archive and then carry out the package building process.

  They way that most people work with this type of SVN repo is to make
  changes directly in debian/ dir in the repo, compile the package,
  check that everything is fine, commit changes and upload the package.
  If you need to commit changes but you're not going to upload a package
  (because you're not going to devote any time to the package in some
  days, or you want to let other people work or know what you're working
  on, you should set in changelog the release name to UNRELEASED)

  If a lot of changes are needed, usually it worths capying debian/ out
  of the repo to the sources, making changes and copying debian/ dir
  back to the repo.

> Is there any other documentation on how to use subversion in a Debian con=
> The documentation under /usr/share/doc/svn-buildpackage looks like a good=
> 'tutorial' start for how/ why to use Subversion under Debian.

  This is a nice doc, but have into account that it aims to keeping
  _all_ upstream source into SVN. In my own experience with CVS repos
  for packages, keeping upstream source is prone to errors, as when you
  inject a new version, new sources are silently merged with any change=20
  you have made in a previous one, which sometimes is not so good.
  Having those changes in a file within debian/patches, you can easily
  check which files are going to be patched.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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