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Sat Jul 21 11:26:25 UTC 2007


On Sat, Jul 21, 2007 at 04:06:34AM +0300, Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> Kilian Krause wrote:
> > Great! That's wonderful! Can we use the split but keep dpatch to stay
> > with just one patch-system for pkg-voip?
> It can be done but I don't think it's a good idea.
> I use dpatch too, but it doesn't scale. Quilt is perfect for this kind 
> of thing and it will really ease our job.
> Have a look at it. There are some good slides[1] and a paper[2] that 
> explains them.
> If you really really want one patch system for pkg-voip (which is a 
> rather diverse set, with small, medium and large/heavily patched 
> packages) then quilt should be it.
> The XSF uses it for all X packages and they are quite happy[3].

I know quilt is a good patch manager. It's not that I doubt its power.
It's about I don't want the packages to become too unique which would
hinder colaboration unneccessarily. If you however reckon that dpatch
won't do the right thing here, ok, let's go with quilt until we have a
significant amount moved upstream and reduced the required patches to a
level that dpatch can handle.

> > Yes, even though over there it's a mess too if upstream doesn't help.
> That's a problem. I have a 50% success when contacting kapejod :) 
> Sometimes he replies within hours but sometmes he doesn't reply at all.
> BTW, I've forwarded the quilt patchset to him; I hope that he'll use it.

Yes, you just spotted the right problem. But I thing 50% is really good
already. Let's hope it stays like that. ;)

> > Fork is not really the way to go as we duplicate more than 80% of the
> > code. Thus all security fixes would be doubled (and eventually
> > forgotten).
> Agreed; it was only suggested as better than nothing.
> > Cool. Well, the point in asterisk-classic/asterisk-bristuff was rather
> > that some of the support from Digium was bound to an untainted asterisk.
> > For that historically people running asterisk-bristuff had been rejected
> > from help. This may have changed - in which case we could just ship the
> > bristuff-enabled - or we might need to redo the
> > asterisk-classic/asterisk-bristuff.
> I'm not familiar with that. I haven't requested help from Digium ever 
> and I'm not sure if I intend to -- I thought that for real support you 
> needed ABE...
> Anyway, I'd hate to see splitted packages again, but if that is what 
> users want...
> What's our plan?

Our plan is to reduce the huge amount of bugs in asterisk by one day.
It's not a good reference that pkg-voip has so many bugs. I know I've
been sitting on some of them for too long, so please everybody (not only
you) with write access to pkg-voip svn, contribute what you see fit to
solve those bugs.

With regards to asterisk, I find the double compile pretty neat and
clean. As bristuff is always considered less "stable" with the community
IMHO the asterisk-bristuff is like our own development package. And for
me, it solved the problem of needing BRI for myself. Thus I think we can
safely go back to having both unless someone reckons we can put bristuff
into mainline asterisk without any problems.

> >> I've contributing from time to time various stuff to the team, but I 
> >> think it's time to get more involved.
> > 
> > Sure.
> Since you're maintaining openh323/pwlib, I can help there too if you 
> want me too, as you've probably seen from my recent bug reports.
> I have packages for Titan ready for a work project -- we needed ENUM 
> support for GNUgk 2.2.6.
> I'm not sure if you (we? :) want a transition to the new versions or a 
> second source package along the lines of other libraries (e.g. libdb).
> The sure thing is that they should be able to coexist!

Put a branches/experimental and add them to the
snapshots/pkg-voip-config. That should get them built so we can try and
discuss them. Please make sure that you're branching from the base of
what we have today in svn trunk for openh323.

> Anyway, that's a whole different story.

Actually it's not. You got write access to pkg-voip for a reason. That
reason is that you may help with any source that's in there. It's a VCS,
so every DD uploading a package can review if all the commits have been
ok or whether some of them are questionable and need to be reverted (at
least until discussed). Thus, whenever you see something fit for you,
please commit that into the SVN.

Best regards,
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