sofia-sip symbols

George Danchev danchev at
Tue Jan 6 01:08:07 UTC 2009

On Monday 05 January 2009 08:19:14 Ron wrote:

> Using -V seems too strict for this package unless you have some real
> indication that upstream is making a regular mess of symbol management.
> Even then it should probably be an explicitly versioned -V based on
> actual observed incompatibilities.
> They seem to be pretty good at versioning their various APIs internally
> (which people probably should be checking if they depend on features
> that were added since the last SONAME bump), and a quick grep of the
> headers shows the last version they documented API additions for was
> the 1.12.2 release.
> It would be good to confirm this matches reality of course, and to
> keep an eye on it for each new release, but if upstream is doing the
> right thing we'll only create artificial problems if we impose stricter
> versioning requirements than are actually necessary.

Sure, quite a valid point, thanks. I confirm that -V was pretty much 
exaggerative in that case, since in my experience, upstream understands and 
manages versioning quite well. They are also part of the debian packaging 
effort. Should -V be needed in the future, we can always add it. Now removed.

If no other remarks arise until Friday, I intend to upload 1.12.10-2 to 

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