ITP: Tangaza -- Mobile phone-based group messaging system

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Sat Jan 14 00:21:45 UTC 2012

Hi Ian,

(CC to the pkg-voip list)

On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 05:55:03PM +0000, ext-ian.lawrence at wrote:

> Reading your email again I think should just have applied to join the voip-pkg team rather than requesting a separate project for tangaza (duh). Can you mirror our repo on alioth for us please?
> We made some packaging changes over the holidays and the install seems fine now and we would like to get Tangaza into Debian as soon as we can.
> Thanks for your help

A quick review of the package:

Any reason you use source format 1.0 rather than '3.0 (quilt)'?

Lintian warns of the following:

W: tangaza source: maintainer-script-lacks-debhelper-token debian/postinst
W: tangaza source: maintainer-script-lacks-debhelper-token debian/prerm
E: tangaza: helper-templates-in-copyright

Those should be trivial to fix (see their description with 
'lintian-info --tags').

Hmm... prerm script has the line

  # Automatically added by dh_installinit

You should have removed that part and replaced it with #DEBHELPER#'.

Some of the other remarks Lintian has (when running: lintian -IE --pedantic
../tangaza_1.0-1_amd64.changes )

I: tangaza source: debian-watch-file-is-missing
I: tangaza: description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly
I: tangaza: extended-description-is-probably-too-short
I: tangaza: package-contains-empty-directory usr/lib/tangaza/agi-bin/Nokia/Common/
I: tangaza: init.d-script-does-not-implement-optional-option etc/init.d/tangaza status

Other notes:

* All of the stuff /usr/lib must move to /usr/share . /usr/lib is for
  arch-dependent stuff. With all the multi-arch transition, this is
  actually very meaningful.

* If you want Python modules byte-compiled, see the standard python
  helpers (dh_python2) and the python policy.

* The postinst script assumes Asterisk is running. This is not
  necessarily the case.
  - Should the package attempt to detect the asterisk user? If the
    sysadmin does not use 'asterisk' or root, why bother?

* Don't symlink in apache's config. Use a2enmod.

* Use dh_link (debian/tangaza.links) rather than manual 'ln -s'.

* Messing up with configs of a different package is a big no-no.

* Thos postrm should only delete those pathes in case of a purge.
  See /usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debian/postrm.ex (in the package

Most of those issues should be simple to fix. Fixing the handling of
config files of other packages would require some thought.

Mind describing what configuration changes you need in other packages?

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