ITP: Tangaza -- Mobile phone-based group messaging system

Ian Lawrence root at
Mon Jan 16 14:45:11 UTC 2012


Thanks for your review of the package - it helps us a lot. We will
make the changes you suggest and push them to git and ping the list

Some comments

> Any reason you use source format 1.0 rather than '3.0 (quilt)'?

i think the file was generated automatically and we just never
modified it since it works

> * The postinst script assumes Asterisk is running. This is not
  necessarily the case.
  - Should the package attempt to detect the asterisk user? If the
    sysadmin does not use 'asterisk' or root, why bother?

It does not assume that. What it does is check if there's asterisk
installed then tries to restart after making the changes

> Mind describing what configuration changes you need in other packages?

Changes would be like in asterisk conf files to enable tangaza and
nagios to to enable our configs. Is there some standard way to handle
this in Debian which we are missing?



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