[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] Current status?

Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez clopez at igalia.com
Mon May 6 21:03:54 UTC 2013

On 06/05/13 04:47, Darik Horn wrote:
> Yes, but only for a small value of public, as evidenced by the small
> number of people that seem to know about it.

This project was one of the firsts to be announced to the public. The
information on the wiki and on the mailing lists (both on this list and
on soc-coordination) was published early on March.

So... what are you saying?

You could relate the "small" (which I don't think is small, is in the
same line than the other Debian GSoC projects) number of applicants with
the difficulty of the project,  or with the fact that this year the
deadline for students applications is during the finals weeks or exam
week (at least in US and UK). There is a thread "[GSoC Mentors] Low(er)
number of applications this year?" on gsoc-mentors at melange talking
about this, seems that the small number of applicants compared to other
years is a constant. I would provide a link, but the list is private.

But you can't relate that with any fault on information from our side
because is simply false.

> We should survey the interested students to ask whether they know that
> these resources exist, or whether they were included in the
> collaboration, or whether they were encouraged to participate.
> Mitesh, Veselin, and anybody else:  How many email conversations have
> you had regarding your GSoC applications?  Get any feedback?  Were you
> coached in any way on how to get the job?

I have been advising Veselin on the IRC about how to proceed to send his

>> > I don't quite understand what do you mean. Starting from the very
>> > first project idea get posted in Feb, this mailing list is in the
>> > recipient. And of course you know this GSoC project long before
>> > application deadline, you have plenty of time to advise students to
>> > participate this project. It makes little sense saying as such when
>> > it's finished.
> I was surprised when I reviewed the official GSoC documentation
> because I thought that *you* were a project mentor.
> First, you did code reviews for Carlos, vetted contributions, and
> provisioned the work as an official Debian Developer.  But you are now
> listed as the student and Carlos as the mentor.  How did that
> student-mentor relationship get reversed?

Aron did a great job as coordinator and I'm sure he did his best to try
to keep you onboard.

We agreed to use your repository as base (which I didn't liked) and to
ask you for review each commit before merging it with the idea that you
could feel comfortable and you will engage in collaborating with me.

The one that was supposed to do code reviews was you, but you just
ignored all merge request I sent to you. Aron just limited himself to
act as a mediator because of your lack of response.

Finally you just told us that you were not longer interested in working
in this project inside Debian.

I was offered to co-mentor the project because of my experience with the
ZoL package inside Debian. If you hadn't tell us that you were not
longer interested in packaging ZoL inside Debian, then you would have
had the same chance to be a co-mentor of the project.

Also, you can't say you didn't know about this project before (unless
you didn't read any of the mails sent to this list, neither you bothered
to open the GSoC debian wiki page).

So, you are the only one to blame here. We did our best to try to engage
you in collaborating with this project but you directly refused it.

And this is not a "product". This is Debian. If you don't know how open
source communities work neither how Debian works, please go to learn it,
and come back when you have learned the lesson. In the meanwhile I would
thank you if you can stop spreading FUD.

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