[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] About downstream patches on debian packages from zfsonlinux.org repository.

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Thu Aug 25 19:20:12 UTC 2016

On Aug 25, 2016, at 12:47 PM, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez wrote:

> Debian is a production system, I don't like the idea of using our users
> to test beta features.

They're not beta features. This is code that have been battle tested on
several production machines! Just because ZoL isn't interested in doing
the work that a review, doesn't mean it's "beta" or "bad" code!

> Why Debian users should expect SMB, NFS and iSCSI to work out of the
> box, but users of other distributions should not expect this?

Once they realize what ZFS is and what it can do, I expect EVERYONE
to want this! But we shouldn't make our decision on what OTHER dists
do! We make a decision on what's best for _US_!
Det är när man känner doften av sin egen avföring
som man börjar undra vem man egentligen är.
- Arne Anka

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