[Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] Bug#951080: zfsutils-linux: Please disable shipped crontab zfs scrub script by default

Witold Baryluk witold.baryluk at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:04:45 GMT 2020

Package: zfsutils-linux
Version: 0.8.3-1
Severity: important

Dear Maintainer,

please disable shipped crontab zfs scrub script by default.

The current package, significant deviats from the upstream, and is a
rather arbitrary decision by the maintainer, not a user or zfs

This decision also can negatively impact system performance with multiple
pools being scrubbed at the same time, or just affect performance in
general, i.e. on laptops when running on battery, or when pool is mounted
from device on iSCSI share.

I strongly suggest commenting out the crontab entry in the
/etc/cron.d/zfsutils-linux for doing this.

There is nothing in ZFS requiring to run zfs scrub regularly, and it
should be left to the user what to do about it. It is no less safe than
any other file system on the planet (in fact even without scrub it is
very safe).

The current behaviour isn't clearly documented or communicated either
(i.e. in package description).


-- System Information:
Debian Release: bullseye/sid
  APT prefers testing-debug
  APT policy: (500, 'testing-debug'), (500, 'unstable')
Architecture: amd64 (x86_64)
Foreign Architectures: i386

Kernel: Linux 5.2.0-3-amd64 (SMP w/32 CPU cores)
Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8), LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)
Shell: /bin/sh linked to /usr/bin/dash
Init: systemd (via /run/systemd/system)
LSM: AppArmor: enabled

Versions of packages zfsutils-linux depends on:
ii  libblkid1        2.34-0.1
ii  libc6            2.29-10
ii  libnvpair1linux  0.8.3-1
ii  libuuid1         2.34-0.1
ii  libuutil1linux   0.8.3-1
ii  libzfs2linux     0.8.3-1
ii  libzpool2linux   0.8.3-1
ii  python3          3.7.5-3

Versions of packages zfsutils-linux recommends:
ii  lsb-base                11.1.0
ii  zfs-dkms [zfs-modules]  0.8.3-1
ii  zfs-zed                 0.8.3-1

Versions of packages zfsutils-linux suggests:
pn  nfs-kernel-server           <none>
pn  samba-common-bin            <none>
pn  zfs-initramfs | zfs-dracut  <none>

-- Configuration Files:
/etc/sudoers.d/zfs [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/etc/sudoers.d/zfs'

-- no debconf information

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