[Pkg-zope-developers] how to package products for zope2.7

Jonas Meurer jonas@freesources.org
Sat, 4 Jun 2005 13:39:16 +0200


i maintain zope2.6-verbosesecurity and zope-verbosesecurity.
the former one is an obsolete version and the only reason to keep it in
the archive is, that superiour versions of VerboseSecurity don't support
Zope < 2.7 any longer.

thus the latter one, zope-verbosesecurity is only for zope2.7 and
therefore doesn't need to provide files, links etc. for zope2.6

although i got the main problems managed, i've still some questions
concerning this issue:

- -> 1. zope2.6-verbosesecurity is the only package that is named
zope2.6-*. the more common way seems to have zope-<product> for zope 2.6
and zope2.7-<product> for zope2.7.
zope2.6-verbosesecurity will be removed from the archive once zope 2.6
is no longer available, while zope-verbosesecurity will stay there
forever, always updated to the most recent upstream release.

is it worth the effort to rename zope-verbosesecurity to
zop2.7-verbosesecurity and zope2.6-ver.. to zope-ver...? i guess that
zope2.6 will not stay in the archive once sarge is released, correct?
if that happens, renaming the verbosesecurity packages is not needed.
what do you think?

- -> 2. how is the exact policy about products folders for zope2.7?
zope2.7 has two product folders, /usr/share/zope2.7/lib/python/Products/
and /usr/lib/zope2.7/lib/python/Products/. native zope products
(products that are shipped within the zope2.7 package) have all files in
/usr/share/... and link the dtml and py files to /usr/lib/...
is this common? most zope-* and zope2.7-* product packages install their
files only inside /usr/lib/zope/lib/python/Products, ignoring zope2.7
how should i install the files to follow a common policy?

- -> 3. does zope2.7 still provide the shared debconf template
shared/zope/restart? if yes, is it called shared/zope2.7/restart?

or do i have to reintroduce own debconf templates to restart zope2.7?

it would be great if you could give me some advice.