[Python-apps-team] Upgrade Cython in Debian

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Fri Apr 6 23:21:00 BST 2018

+ debian-science-sagemath, cython maintainers

Hey Julian, sorry that this email contains incomplete information but I am a bit busy these days with a new day job and thought a quick incomplete reply was at least better than nothing.

In general to upgrade an existing package you upload a .dsc somewhere (e.g. mentors.debian.net) and then ask an existing Debian Developer (such as the existing maintainer) to sponsor your upload i.e. `debsign` the .dsc and `dput` it to Debian FTP. Usually there is also a git repo somewhere (e.g. previously alioth, now salsa) that you should clone and also point your sponsor to.

Cython is a bit special however and the recent alioth.debian.org -> salsa.debian.org migration complicates things. It *was* being maintained as part of the python-apps alioth team but I am not sure about the equivalent team on salsa today. Also it was in SVN not git, and the history of it was slightly confusing. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact details now.

It is probably worth migrating Cython from alioth's SVN to salsa's git, you should co-ordinate this with the existing Cython maintainers whom I have CC'd, however it is possible they are inactive. For example, I was the last person to update the Cython package because they didn't reply in time to my bug reports about upgrading it, and we needed the upgrade for Sagemath.

If they don't reply quickly, feel free to migrate it into a git repo of your choosing, or simply ditch the SVN history if migration is too hard.

You should indeed open a bug report, it will go to the existing maintainers. If you want to CC us, you need to do that explicitly by adding a X-Debbugs-CC pseudo-header to your bug report. If you have a candidate package already, that is very good! Upload it somewhere and mention it on the bug report. If you like, put "RFS" in the title of the bug report, this means it is a "Request for Sponsorship".

I don't know if there is an IRC channel for the python-apps team. If you can't find one, feel free to come to #debian-science.


Julian Rüth:
> Hello,
> we had some contact recently on Sage's trac (my handle there is
> saraedum.) I would like to help a bit with pushing Sage in Debian. I
> started by upstreaming Debian's Sage patches and now I had a look at the
> missing dependencies for Sage 8.2.
> I would like to work on getting cython 0.28.1 into Debian. I am not a
> Debian developer and I am not sure what's a process for me to help with
> upgrading an existing package. I am a bit lost here and I hope you don't
> mind that I contact you directly.
> Should I just create a bug "Upgrade cython to 0.28.1" and report my
> findings (required patches, tests passing) there? Is there an IRC
> channel to talk about these things? (Is this within the scope of
> #debian-science?)
> Thanks for your time.
> julian
> PS: Part of my current job description is to help with packaging of Sage
> and related projects. I have quite a few hours every week to work on
> Sage in Debian. Feel free to contact me if something comes up that you
> would like some help with.

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