[Python-modules-team] python-yaml: can it be priority optional?

Scott Kitterman debian at kitterman.com
Mon Mar 23 10:24:43 UTC 2009

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 10:04:45 +0000 Jonathan Wiltshire 
<debian at jwiltshire.org.uk> wrote:
>python-yaml seems to be a priority: extra package, and I have a
>package dependent on it which is priority: optional. Before I change the
>priority, is there any reason python-yaml can't become optional instead?
>(please keep me in CC, and if you'd rather I file a bug that's no

It's extra because (and only because) it depends on libyaml whic is extra.  If you get libyaml 
moved to optional, I've no problem moving pyyaml back to optional.

Scott K

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