[Python-modules-team] python-managesieve_0.4.dfsg-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Bernd Zeimetz bzed at debian.org
Sat May 30 17:42:53 UTC 2009

Mike O'Connor wrote:
> The license file indicates that several files are LGPL 2.1.  I don't find any
> files which are under the LGPL.  I find files under the GPL, which isn't
> mentioned.

Seems I was a bit blind :) I'm sure Stefan will fix this...

> Also note: I wonder about using the Python license as written here.
> This license is arranges as an agreement between the Python Software
> Foundation and the Licensee.  However I don't know what that does for
> our distributability, as the Python Software Foundation isn't a
> copyright holder.  I'd recommend contacting the upstream author and
> see if he would consider dual-licensing it with another license which
> isn't so specific to python itself

Putting Python modules under the Python license is what a lot of module authors
do if they want to see their module being integrated into Python one day. There
are several other modules with such a license in Debian if I remember right.



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