[Python-modules-team] Bug#635364: new upstream version: 0.7.1

Georges Khaznadar georges.khaznadar at free.fr
Fri Sep 16 13:20:29 UTC 2011


I would like to raise a ITP for Nicolas Pourcelot's wxgeometrie package,
which is fine for Debian packaging, and depends on the most recent
release of sympy (0.7.1). So I add this e-mail to the thread #635364

Please would you like to upgrade the current Debian package?
I uploaded the package sympy-0.7.1 to mentors.debian.net, please see

Currently this new package is lintian-clean (vs standards-version
3.9.2), however its changelog is still unfinished: it does not close
relevant bugreports.

Best regards,			Georges.

Georges KHAZNADAR et Jocelyne FOURNIER
22 rue des mouettes, 59240 Dunkerque France.
Téléphone +33 (0)3 28 29 17 70

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