[Reproducible-builds] [report] Week 23 in Stretch cycle

Jérémy Bobbio lunar at debian.org
Mon Oct 5 10:04:02 UTC 2015

   What happened in the [1]reproducible builds effort this past week:

Toolchain fixes

   Barry Warsaw uploaded wheel/0.26.0-1 which now uses
   [3]uses time.gmtime() to avoid timezone issues. Patches by
   Chris Lamb and Reiner Herrmann.

   Andreas Metzler uploaded autogen/1:5.18.6-1 in experimental
   with [4]several patches for reproducibility issues written by
   Valentin Lorentz.

   Groovy upstream has merged a [5]change proposed by Emmanuel
   Bourg to remove timestamps generated by groovydoc.

   Ben Hutchings submitted a patch to [6]add support for
   SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in linux-kbuild as an alternate way to
   specify the build timestamp.

   Reiner Herrman has sent a [7]patch adding support for
   [8]SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in docbook-utils.

Packages fixed

   The following packages became reproducible due to changes in
   their build dependencies: commons-csv. fest-reflect,
   sunxi-tools, xfce4-terminal,

   The following packages became reproducible after getting fixed:
     * httpcomponents-client/4.5.1-1 by Emmanuel Bourg.
     * jhead/1:3.00-2 by Ludovic Rousseau.
     * libvigraimpex/1.10.0+dfsg-10 by Daniel Stender.
     * linux/4.2-1~exp1 by Ben Hutchings.
     * maelstrom/1.4.3-L3.0.6+main-7 by Santiago Vila.
     * nedit/1:5.6a-3 by Paul Gevers.
     * pitivi/0.94-4 by Sebastian Dröge, [9]reported by Scott
     * procenv/0.40-2 by James Hunt.
     * seyon/2.20c-32 by Santiago Vila.
     * slib/3b1-5 by Santiago Vila.
     * spock/0.7-groovy-2.0-1 by Emmanuel Bourg.
     * u-boot/2015.10~rc4+dfsg1-1 by Vagrant Cascadian.
     * vdr-plugin-remote/0.7.0-1 by Tobias Grimm.

   Some uploads fixed some reproducibility issues but not all of
     * dutch/1:2.10-4 uploaded by Thijs Kinkhorst, [10]original
       patch by Chris Lamb.

   Patches submitted which have not made their way to the archive
     * 800776 on cluster-glue: exports SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in

   Tomasz Rybak uploaded pycuda/2015.1.3-1 which should fix
   reproducibility issues. The package has not been tested as it
   is in contrib.

   akira found an [11]embedded code copy of texi2html in fftw.


   Email notifications are now only sent once a day per package,
   instead of on each status change. (h01ger)

   disorderfs has been temporarily disabled to see if it had any
   impact on the disk space issues. (h01ger)

   When running out of disk space, build nodes will now
   automatically detect the problem. This means test results will
   not be recorded as “FTBFS” and the problem will be reported to
   Jenkins maintainers. (h01ger)

   The navigation menu of package pages has been improved.

   The two amd64 builders now use two different kernel versions:
   3.16 from stable and 4.1 from backports on the other. (h01ger)

   We now [12]graph the number of packages which needs to be
   fixed. (h01ger)

   Munin now creates graphs on how many builds were performed by
   build nodes ([13]example). (h01ger)

   A migration plan has been agreed with [14]DSA on how to turn
   Jenkins into an official Debian service. A backport of
   jenkins-job-builder for Jessie is currently missing. (h01ger)

Package reviews

   119 [15]reviews have been removed, 103 added and 45 updated
   this week.

   16 “fail to build from source” issues were reported by Chris
   Lamb and Mattia Rizzolo.

   New issue this week:


   Allan McRae has submitted a patch to make [17]ArchLinux pacman
   [18]record a .BUILDINFO file.


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